Introducing Black Russian Terrier Legenda Kremlja iz Zvezdnoy Gavani, aka Sashenka with her groomer and handler Lana Lochan. One day after her arrival from Russia July 15, 2017

Sashenka is her call name and is a new addition to Iz Teremka’s Kennel. Her registered name is Legenda Kremlja iz Zvezdnoy Gavani RKF 4764730 and is a Russian import. Sashenka was whelped on February 19th 2017. She arrived in North America on July 14th 2017, healthy as ever and has already adjusted to the North American lifestyle.

Rossiyskiy Flagman iz Zvezdnoi Gavani

Sashenka’s father is BRT Rossiyskiy Flagman Iz Zvezdnoy Gavani RKF 1591544 CH J RUS, CH INT RUS,GRAND  BLR, CZE, 4XRKF, MOL, ROM, EURASIA, CW HD-B-ED-0. He has proved himself to be a Champion in all his right. Flagman was born on March 26th 2011. His father Yupiter Zolotogo Grada and his mother Barbi s Bronich Ladushka Dlja Zvezdnoy Gavani.

Her mother is BRT Moguchaya Roksolana Iz Zvezdnoy Gavani RKF 3295200 CH J RUS.

Iz Teremka wishes  to thank Sashenka’s breeder Irina Filina for getting this girl to us. As well as Marina Simonova for bringing her from Moscow to New York.