Canadian Champion Kalinka’s Groosha Iz Teremka

Canadian Champion Kalinka’s Groosha Iz Teremka

The oldest Black RussianTerrier in our Kennel is Kalinka’s Groosha Iz Teremka. She was whelped on May 29th 2006. Her mother is Bravo Businka Iz Angarskoi Jemchujiny and father Champion Passat iz Posiednih Angelov.

As a puppy Groosha show the traits of a true Black Russian Terrier guard dog, This temperament was in her genes as her grandmother Russian Champion Chernaja Boginia Afina worked in the Russian prison system as a guard dog. As Groosha was growing up, it was noticed that while she played with the other dogs, she was always alert and steadfast inner guarding. As she got older, this urge to guard became more prominent insomuch that the first thing she did when she was let out into the yard, she would sit and intently scan the whole yard as if she was looking for someone. When she was finished her scanning she would go about her business always looking around for intruders.

Groosha produced many good litters and her offsprings also became champions in their own right.

Pedigree Chart of Kalinka’s Groosha Iz Teremka

Pedigree Chart of Canadian Champion Kalinka’s Groosha Iz Teremka


Sept 09th 2006 – Federation Canine du Canada Critique
March 15th 2009 – CKC Championship
August 25th 2010 – Official AKC Registration,
April 15th 2010 – Official CKC Registration