Elite Champion is added to his title. Yes on September 10th 2017 Eremy Son Lari Iz Teremka also known as Blitzen received four (4) excellent critiques from four (4) different judges making him eligible to become an Elite Champion at the Federation Canine du Canada Dog show in St.Louis Quebec. Blitzen received his Elite Champion Certificate on September 10th, 2017. In addition Blitzen received Best of Breed three times in three different shows.He also placed fourth in the Best of Group.

back row (L-R) Eddy, Lana, Olga, Front Row (L-R) Danik, Lari,Sasha

Also attending the show with Blitzen was Legenda Kremlja iz Zvezdnoy Gavani also known as Sashenka and Pleyada Buyany ildar It Ipsilon also known as Danik. It was Sashenka’s first time in the confirmation ring and she did well obtaining two promising critiques from two judges and two very promising critiques from two other judges. Danik, an imported Black Russian Terrier from Russia received four very promising critiques from four judges. Our friends Vadim and Olga Volfson owners of Sashenka accompanied us to this dog show. This was their first dog show that they attended and it was quite an enjoyable experience for them. Vadim who had no training in handling a dog, wanted to show Sashenka in the ring. Lana willingly allowed Vadim to participate as a handler and he did an excellent job as a first timer. It should also be said that the which were brought in by the Federation Canine du Canada organization to judge the show did a remarkable job by individually examining each dog in the ring and patiently critiquing each dog and then, in writing giving the handler (s) a copy of of their evaluation for that particular dog. Some owners were extremely happy while others were disappointed. We thank the judges for their excellent work. Video of Show 1 can be seen here