Black Russian Terrier Eremey Son Lari Iz Teremka, CKC Champ, AKC Champ, FCDC Champ, UKC Champ and ABIDS Champ has been honoured by receiving Subaru’s Top Show Dog Award under the auspices of the American Kennel Club


Eremey Son Lari Iz Teremka also know as “Blitzen” placed fourth overall in the total number of points earned in 2016 by a Black Russian Terrier. In analyzing his fourth place finished, Blitzen attended only 14 shows to accumulate 43 points, while the first place dod attended over 25 showings to obtain 127 points, the second place dog with an incredible attendance of only 2 showings to gain 74 points, the third place dog went to approximately 15 showings to gain 65 points.