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About Black Russian Terriers


In 1924,the Russian Military Council issued an edict that dogs were to be used for military purposes and that all departments of the military must employ dog trainers. As a result of this order the School of Junior Dog Training Specialist was formed. This school had military, sports and laboratory departments. The working dogs that were trained for military purposes were used as guard dogs, mine specialists and aides. 

Due to the Russians defending their homeland in World War II, many of working dogs in Russia were killed and the state owned kennel, the Central Military School of Working Dogs (CMSWD), also know as the Red Star Kennel, was charged with the responsibility of providing working dogs to the military.

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The Black Russian Terrier was bred to be a guard dog and as such it's natural instinct is to guard and to protect his domicile surroundings, owners and their siblings. The Black Russian Terrier has been described as a defensive protector. Unlike other guard dogs that will strike out at a perpetrator, the Black Russian Terrier will wait for the perpetrator to come to him and within a few feet will strike at the perpetrator.

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Breed Standard

The breed standard for the Black Russian Terrier (BRT) varies throughout the world depending on the controlling and governing dog organizations.

Tail docking has been banned in most European countires and as such dogs are not allowed to compete in conformation. It is suggested that one checks the status of tail docking before entering a competition.

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Many amateur breeders know that it is very important to present a dog on a show in a proper way. It is what your pet´s career depends on sometimes. I´d love to share my experience of 10 years of preparing dogs for shows with your, dear admires of Black Russian Terrier.

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Puppy Growth Chart

The Black Russian Terrier Puppy Growth Chart shown below gives information regarding growth stages of a puppy from ages 2 to 10 months old. If a puppy is not in the ranges shown, 

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Working Abilities

Most of the major Kennel Clubs have have grouped the Black Russian Terrier as a working dog. One has to remember that Black Russian Terrier was bred to be a guard dog to protect the military bases and secret locations in Russia.

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Health Issues

The Black Russian Terrier is susceptible and vulnerable to dog related diseases. Since the Black Russian Terrier is a large dog (males can grow up to 150 lbs (68 kgs), females can grow up to 110 lbs (50 kgs))

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