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The Black Russian Terrier (BRT) is exclusively bred by Iz Teremka Kennel. Here you would be able to learn about our kennel, our dogs, puppies and much more.

Welcome to our Black Russian Terrier Website.

Creation of the Black Russian Terrier

The Black Russian Terrier  is a powerful guard dog developed by the Russians as they lost most of their military dogs during World Wars l and ll.  As a result of this loss, the ruling government issued a directive that they wanted a dog that would first of all, be a guard dog to protect it’s secret  military installations, be able to withstand the cold Siberian weather, have a protective coat which will protect them from the harsh winter conditions and most of all have a very nice movement.

In a nutshell, the Russian Red Star Kennel undertook the development of this new dog. They fundamentally started by breeding a Rottweiler dog and a Giant Schnauzer dog. They continued breeding the offsprings with Airedale Terriers and other breeds of dogs and finally bred with Newfoundland dog to get what they finally wanted. The Black Russian Terrier was born.

The Black Russian Terrier is also known by the following names Mustaterrier, Terrier Noir Russe, Hornyi, Russian Bear Schnauzer, Tchiorny Terrier, Black Terrier, Blackie, Russian Pearl, Chernysh and Stalin’s Dog.

Dog Terrier or Not

Is the Black Russian Terrier a real Terrier? Although, the linage breedings were shared by the “real terriers”, the Black Russian Terrier per se is not a “terrier” within the strict use of the word “terrier”. He is a alpha dog of majestic, powerful and robust qualities belonging to the Working Group classification of registered pure bred dogs.

Black Russian Terrier Bogdan’s Dasher Iz Teremka lying in front of the fireplace during the Christmas season

Black Russian Terrier Characteristics and Temperament

Since the Black Russian Terrier is an alpha dog, he is not a dog for everyone. What is an alpha dog you may ask? Alpha, meaning first, is usually a male member of a pack of dogs whose role is to lead and protect the pack. He is like the captain of a ship. He is assertive, smart and very intelligent.  Since these traits are intuitive in him, his owner should be experienced and must possess an alpha personality. The male Black Russian Terrier can grow up to 150 lbs (68 kg) while the female averages 100 lbs (45 kg).

The Black Russian Terrier is a dog that absolutely needs obedience training. It is a must and should be started as early as 3 to 4 months old. A recommendation is made that the training be started in puppy classes and graduated to more advanced classes as he grows. By nature, his temperament is that he is unfriendly to strangers especially if they come within his territory. Any stranger that gets into his territory is going to have a problem. Remember what he was bred for – to be a guard dog. Experienced breeders can tell from birth, puppies that are the most dominant. Obedience classes are a must. Once the Black Russian Terrier gets into a family environment, he is very confident, calm, courageous, agile, very protective and loyal of his family, and very alert.

Canadian Black Russian Terrier Breeder

As a Canadian Black Russian Terrier Breeder, Iz Teremka Kennel is dedicated to the breeding of Black Russian Terriers by developing and preserving the best qualities of the old working Siberian Black Russian Terrier bloodlines.

Iz Teremka’s objective is to breed and produce healthy dogs with excellent confirmation postural attributes and solid self confident temperament. Our bitches are kept in good condition and are bred according to our veterinary guidelines. Proper consideration is given to the breeding dogs. You just don’t take one beautiful stud and breed him to just another beautiful bitch. It does not work that way.You must take into regards the genetics, health, and size in trying to achieve the quality of puppies you want to produce.


Our Black Russian Terriers are members of our family and as such they live in the house with us and receive as much socialization as possible. They all attend obedience training and participate in activities such as barn hunting, with other dogs.

Puppies Registration and Achievements

Puppies from our kennel are American Kennel Club (AKC) and Canadian Kennel Club(CKC) registered, microchipped, and vaccinated. A health guarantee comes with each puppy purchased. At selected times we do have Black Russian Terrier puppies for sale.

Over the years, our kennel has produced multi championship dogs in the confirmation ring with the AKC, CKC, Federation Canine du Canada, United Kennel Club (UKC) and other kennel clubs throughout Canada and the United States. In addition to the confirmation ring, our dogs have recently started lure coursing. Now you may ask what is our coursing? Lure coursing is the application of a mechanical device with pulleys at the end of which there is a “bait”. When activated, the pulley pulls the “bait” and as the bait is moving, the dog runs behind it.

Other Pieces of Information

Our clients are based domestically, in the United States of America and internationally. We discriminately ship our puppies to the overseas market. References are always available.

Iz Teremka Kennel is located in Odessa ON Canada, and if anyone wants to visit us, they are quite welcomed to come to our kennel. We ask of one thing, please let us know in advance.

Should you or anyone require any additional information, please contact Svetlana (Lana) at 613 531 6207 or use the contact form to reach us.